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Patient Care Ministry

Providing on-going and follow-up care to needy patients from around the country who can’t afford to pay for their medical expenses


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In Scripture, we have countless examples of people coming to faith because of the healing of their bodies. The same is true today. When someone cares for someone’s body, it opens a door to touch their soul for the kingdom of God. The ultimate goal of the Patient Care / Healing Home Ministry is to help build up New Life Fellowship churches by showing the love of Jesus to the sick people in the communities where New Life Fellowship has a presence. 

We do this by helping connect the sick to where they can get the medical help they need.  We help cover costs and even give them a place to stay with free room and board and lots of prayer when they come to Phnom Penh for medical help. We reach out to the sick and poor through organized medical outreaches and referrals from Healthcare assistants we train up in several NLF church locations. This gives us more of an opportunity to share the gospel with people that may have never heard the gospel. The mission of the Healing Home is to be a respected place known for where people see miracles happen.  A place known for helping and ministering to people and impacting them so when they return home again, they testify how great God is and how God used the Healing Home to restore their health. Our hope and vision are to see more church plants started because of the introduction to the gospel that the Patient Care Ministry (PCM) and Healing Home has made to patients and their families that they have helped. Our aim is to establish a relationship between the church, people in the community and the medical services available so that together we can bring a holistic approach to our ministry which includes physical, spiritual and emotional healing.

For year 2019 our plan is to partner with church planters and when we have patients that are referred to the Healing Home that get saved but do not have a home church, we will give their names and address given to the church planter team in hopes that this will open a door for a church to be established in their community. 

 Patient Care Ministry (PCM)   provides four main projects

·         Healing Home

·         Short-Term Village Mobile Medical Clinics

·         Health Education Project

.         Referral Center in Phnom Penh

 The project's annual total cost is : 35,000 USD


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