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Regional Care

Providing the opportunity for our church guests and members to be connected with God and connected with other believers, for the purpose of them taking the next step in their spiritual journey


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The Regional Care ministry of New Life Fellowship is a vital part of the life of New Life Fellowship and is involved in the care and well-being of our church members.  Through this ministry, we follow up on our newcomers and help them understand who God is and how our church can help them grow. We also introduce them to leaders and new friends within the church.  

In the Regional Care ministry, our goal is two-fold. We want to see everyone in our church 

1. Connected with God 

2. Connected with other believers in New Life 

The main way that we do this is by encouraging people along what we call our Pathway to Growth. This is a multi-step process, which takes people through three main categories of spiritual steps. The three categories are: Changed Life, Life of a Disciple and the Life of a Servant. Each of these categories has a corresponding class that they go through as well as several other spiritual steps. 

If someone is actively involved in these steps, we will consider them connected in our church. We also follow-up with them - through our regional pastors and other church leaders - to maintain that connection with them from the church’s side of things.  

Finally, we strive to help our church members walk through important seasons of life such as births, deaths, life transitions, marriages or others. Our team has been trained in counseling, follow-up, counseling and other skills to help our members ‘bear their burdens’ in seasons of need. 

The budget for our regional care ministry provides for our four regions (North, Central, South and West regions) and the pastors in each of those regions. It covers items like gifts and/or financial help for people in need, regional leaders meetings, cell group leaders meetings, phone cards for follow-up and some staff salaries. The total amount budgeted for 2018 is $22,410. 

We are excited to continue to see growth in New Life Fellowship and we know that 2018 will be another year of significant harvest. The Regional Care ministry is on the front lines of seeing people not just coming through the doors of New Life Fellowship, but helping people as they are added to the church.